Do you buy from individuals?

Yes! I am always looking to buy; if you have something you think I may be interested in, please use the Contact page or DM me on Instagram and we can talk. I sell all kinds of vintage clothing but I am mostly interested in plus size vintage, vintage lingerie, nature and outdoors themed tees, 60s and 70s garments, and garments made of natural fibers (cotton, silk, cashmere, etc.).

Are the items washed?

99% of items are washed upon entering inventory. All Items that can be washed at home, are washed. I don’t like to use dry cleaners because it is a heavy chemical process and dry cleaning rarely removes actual stains. If an item has been dry cleaned it will specifically state that it has been. Please see the Caring for Vintage page for more info about washing and caring for vintage garments.

What about smells? 

All items are washed so the typical thrift or vintage store type smell should be gone or minimal. I do have around 1,000 items in inventory at any given time so sometimes when you clean vintage and then put it together with a lot of other clean vintage, some minor smells still linger collectively.

Please note that I currently operate Cicada Moon Vintage out of my small home. We are 100% a cigarette smoke free home with one medium sized, wire haired pup. I use only unscented, natural cleaners (including laundry detergent) in my home but I do light incense at least once a week, sage once in a blue moon, and I love nothing more than sitting outside by the fire pit right outside my door. I also enjoy cooking food with all the spices including Indian and Thai food. I have been told that my home has an earthy and sometimes spicy smell to it – if you are incredibly sensitive to smells and unwilling or unable to wash a garment, I recommend only buying vintage in person and skipping online offerings.


When do you add new items?

Items are being added all the time but the newest items will drop every Friday evening around 8pm EST. 

Do you have a mailing list?

Not at this time but please check back!

What if an item I purchased doesn’t fit? 

All sales are final. Please see the Sizing page before making a purchase and also the Return Policy page for more information. 

I saw something on Instagram that I loved but I can’t find it on your website.

Reach out! Chances are it has already sold but occasionally there may be technical errors that did not allow the item to post all of the way. Additionally, if I no longer have it I may know somewhere you can get a similar or even the same item. 

What does “Deadstock” mean?

A deadstock item is an item that still has its tags on and has never been worn. In the vintage world we use “Deadstock” instead of “New With Tags” to indicate that it is an older item with tags that is no longer being produced. 

What is “Volup?”

Volup is short for voluptuous and is used in place of “Plus” when referring to curvier sizes. 

What are Flat Lay Measurements?

Flat lay measurements are measurements taken of an item while it is lying flat. Pit, waist, and hip measurements should be doubled to get the round measurement. These measurements can be more accurate in determining the fit of a garment when comparing one garment to another vs. comparing a garments measurements to body measurements. Please see the Sizing page for more information.

Do you ship internationally?

I do not currently ship internationally through this website. However, I can create a personalized listing via one of the other selling platforms which allows me to ship most places. If this is something you are interested in, please reach out via the Contact page.

Can I pickup in person?

I do not currently have a store front; however, I do attend some pop up shows and do quite a bit of traveling around the state of Florida. It’s possible I could meet you somewhere if your purchase coincides with one of these instances. Please contact me directly for more information. 

Where is my order?

Tracking is very slow to update these days. Please see Shipping page for more info and if you still need help, reach out via the Contact page.

Why only women’s clothing?

There are many, many answers to this but to keep it short and sweet I will just say that I sell the clothing I am most drawn to. This tends to be feminine leaning clothing – even when I bring more masculine clothing to the shop, I generally do it with an idea of a wearing it myself. That being said, clothing is 100% genderless and my shop is for everyone and anyone who sees themselves in something I can provide.