About me

Hey! I'm Merriam, an elder millennial who is on a never ending journey of self discovery. I love nature and music and art and coffee and whiskey and tattoos. I believe in the bohemian lifestyle and in being kind. Black is the uniform of my life - vintage black tees and flowy maxi skirts forever! And also 90’s grunge because...it’s necessary. 

I’ve had a very rough relationship with my body for most of my life. Being comfortable in my skin has often meant covering up as much of it as possible but it also meant that finding clothing I was comfortable in was extremely important to me. We didn’t have a lot of means growing up so I was often stuck with hand me downs from my grandmother and whatever other hand me downs and sale items other people thought a “young lady of my age” should be wearing. I just remember being so uncomfortable in my body all the time. As soon as I was old enough to ride the city bus, I started visiting thrift shops. It was here that I discovered a bevy of “old clothes” that really allowed me to feel like myself for the first time. 

Throughout my life I have continued to thrift and seek out vintage clothing. I have thrifted because it was necessary. I have thrifted because I am an old hippy soul and have had sustainability at the forefront of my mind for forever. I have thrifted to find myself and to recreate myself again and again and again. Through all of this, I have come to understand that my love for vintage clothing stems from its uniqueness and also the lack of expectation that comes from being in vintage clothing. Maybe it’s just me but I feel like people have this innate need to organize other people into categories; when you wear a unique piece of vintage clothing, people don’t know what to make of that and have a much harder time sticking you in a specific box. Or they stick you in the weirdo box which I am A OK with. I’m all about embracing your inner weirdo!

Cicada Moon Vintage has officially been around since 2019. This shop allows me to work to promote sustainability, preserve vintage clothing for future generations, and also help others find their style and express their true (weird) selves. This shop is for all humans! Please ask me all the questions whether about an item in the shop, styling, your wish list, or life in general, I am happy to help where I can.